Coal and Minerals Laboratories

Assisting our clients in making informed decisions through the provision of accurate, reliable and timely results. We have a policy of having all of our laboratories ISO 17025 accredited, thus giving our clients additional peace of mind when having results reported.

SHEQman provides, but is not limited to the following analytical tests:

Ash Determination – based ISO1171:2010
Sampling – based on ISO18283:2006
Moisture in the Analysis sample – based on SANS 5925:2007
Volatile Matter –based on ISO 562:2010
Calorific Value based on ISO1928: 2009
Total Sulphur – based on ASTM4239:2014
Total Moisture – based on ISO589:2008
Size analysis by sieving – based on 1953:2015
Relative density – Various methods